They have it in their nature - passion, naturalness and openness.

Gala Herbapol Essence of Nature 2015

Traveler of the year. Brick health. Wild kitchen. Original look - this are the passwords that perfectly describe this year's winners of the Herbapol  awards “Essence of Nature”. Gala, held for the seventh time, rewarded personalities from the world of science, arts and the media for the presence of nature in their lives and adherence to the principles that are consistent with it . Among the winners were: Ewa Wachowicz, Agnieszka Cegielska, Aleksander Doba, Łukasz Łuczaj and Paweł Młodkowski.
The winners of previous years appeared at Gala: Łukasz i Paweł Golcowie, Maja Popielarska, Mariola Bojarska-Ferenc, Jacek Pałkiewicz, Maja Popielarska, Kinga Baranowska, Tomasz Sikora.
This year's winners come from different regions of Poland, perform different jobs and have different interests. But there is something that unites them - nature. Following it voice reveal the most important values that nourish and transmit to others.
Łukasz Łuczaj- winner in the category "Putting nature in scientific work”. He is known for his publications on wild edible plants. He received the award in recognition of scientific articles, popularization of scientific knowledge. The statuette was presented by Maja Popielarska, winner of 2009 in the category "Promotion of nature in the media". 
More and more people - also from the world of media - are sports enthusiasts, perceiving movement as the best form of relaxation. They care about a healthy lifestyle and infect the attitude to others. This year's winner of the category  "Inspiration nature in the media" has been Agnieszka Cegielska. Journalist and TV presenter.
For the concern she gives to proteges of  School Foundation Open Hearts and promoting an active, healthy lifestyle. For the ability to live in harmony with each other and the world. The statuette was handed Agnieszka Cegielska by the laureates ”Essence of Nature for Generations 2014” - Łukasz i Paweł Golec.
Nature creates art in the full sense of the word. A similar thought has the winner in the category "Inspiration Nature in Art" - photographer and paragliding pilot. He takes aerial photographs of the fragments of the landscape, which is distinguished by special aesthetics , harmony and interesting associations. The award was presented to Paweł Młodkowski by Mariola Bojarska - Ferenc - winner of the 2014 category "Promotion of nature in the media".
Consequently , for many years in close contact with nature remains Aleksander Doba, traveler 2015 winner in the category "Inspiration nature in life". Fighting for his dreams within 13 days sailed Poland diagonally from Przemyśl to Świnoujście. Within 80 days circumnavigation Baltic, later - Baikal. In the seven months alone he crossed the Atlantic Ocean by canoe. 69-year-old Aleksander Doba likes a challenge.
Awarded for a unique feat. For stubbornness, optimism, fortitude and perseverance in the struggle both external difficulties and weaknesses of own body. And also bravery in accomplishing dreams, unflagging energy and eternal youth. Aleksander Doba received the award from the hands of Kinga Baranowska - winner of the 2011 in the same category.
We are strong when we draw strength from our roots . Herbapol Lublin SA this year decided to award a special prize  and Ewa Wachowicz known for her many passionate and unflagging curiosity about the world received it. In recognition of her versatility in life, by her own philosophy of life and energy that accompanies her every day and constant openness to what nature offers. She says that in life you have to be brave and often take chances.
This year's Gala was hosted by winner of Herbapol Essence of Nature 2014 – Paulina Sykut - Jeżyna. The evening featured a performance Patrycja Markowska.