The central celebration of the World Heart Day

The central celebration of World Heart Day took place on Sunday 27 September at Schiller Passage Piotrkowska Street. The Polish Cardiac Society, Łódź department was the organizer. The main goal of this year was public awareness of heart didease and promoting healthy lifestyle. The event was supported by Mayor of Łódź - Hanna Zdanowska, province governor Jolanta Chełmińska, Łódź Events Center and Fit Fabric.
The organizers planned the whole program full of activites. Everyone could find something for himself. At 11:00 started a group of cycling, at 12.00 Przemek Stupnowicz - Polish Champion in Nordic walking and Vice Champion Nordic Walking for 20 km took his group for a more then one hour walk. On the tour joined Patricia Kolasinska, Polish Champion in Nordic Walking.
Heart Day first of all is  focused on education about the prevention of heart disease. On this day we encouraged people to take advantage of free testing, e.g.: pressure, ECG, cholesterol and others.
We would like to thanks for the commitment to Polfa Warszawa main sponsor of the group Polpharma, drug manufacturer Acard and main medical sponsor Servier Poland. Marzena Rogalska  and her guests talk about the heart. Szymon Majewski, Mariola Bojarska - Ferenc and experts with PTK shared all needed information with the participants. On the main stage we starring artists invited by the Foundation 3rd Floor, Jazz In Lodz, vocal group Accantus, Academic Centre for Artistic Initiatives. We welcomed also the fastest rapper in the world MC Silk, who in the context of public awareness campaign for atrial fibrillation and stroke, recorded clip "MC Silk feat. PTK " in cooperation with the Polish Society of Cardiology.
The central celebration of World Heart Day in Łódź ended at 17:00 with the performance of the popular singer Margaret, known for their debut single "Thank You Very Much".