First Forum of New Education
From 30th of November – 1st of December 2015 in Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw was held New Education Forum - International Event organized in response to the need to adapt the education program to dynamically changing labor market.
At the forum, organized by Joanna Bochniarz - President of the Center for Innovative Education, appeared teachers, headmasters, entrepreneurs and representatives of business who, in synergy science and business see direction for development of education and the future generations.
On Monday, November 30th  school principals from across the Poland participated in workshops conducted by experienced trainers who support the personal and professional development. The theme of the workshop were: intrinsic motivation, motivation by working in a group and with the group, team building, leadership role, build partnerships with external organizations and motivation through formative assessment.
The official inauguration of the First Forum of New Education was held on Tuesdays 1st of December. The debate was attended by representatives of government institutions, foreign affairs in charge of Education, prevention of unemployment and a member of the World Business and Science: Claudia Parliament - Professor Minnesota Board of Directors of the Council for Economic Education (USA), Gary Crow - Deputy Dean of the Indiana University School of Education (USA), Christine Boczkowska - President of Robert Bosch and Przemyslaw Jędrowski - Director of Marketing Vox furniture.
The summary of the Forum was to develop a common position on the "Charter Precepts " and develop a new model of collaboration between academia and business. Forum ended with a concert performed by fellows of the National Children's Fund.
The event was under the honorary patronage of the First Lady - Agata Kornhauser-Duda and substantial patronage of the Ministry of Education.