Roman Opalka / Spectra Art Space Masters Opening Verissage

On September 22nd, 2015 in Warsaw, held an exhibition of Roman Opalka / Spectra Art Space Masters . This year marks 50 years since the inauguration of the Programme Opalka 1965/1 - ∞. Starak Family Foundation decided to honor this fact by organizing event, which is integral exhibition - paintings, photographic documentation and voice recording - in the form of octagon as defined by the artist himself, as the most perfect form of perception of its program.
At the opening they appeared distinguished guests, journalists, artists and art lovers: Magda Mołek, Agata Młynarska, Agnieszka Szulim z Piotrem Woźniakiem-Starakiem, Marta Kielczyk, Marta Kuligowska, Sławomir Idziak, Allan Starski, Jolanta Kwaśniewska, Andrzej Pągowski, Andrzej Olechowski, Iwona Buchner, Wojciech Fibak, Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska, Waldemar Dąbrowski, Rafał Olbiński, Kamila Baar.
The special guest was living in France Madame Marie -Madeleine G.OPALKA - the wife of the artist.
Bozena Kowalska author of a monograph Roman Opalka, critic and art historian, in his introduction to the catalog recalled, "Opalka decided to create records one of his life as a kind of metaphor for any and all human existence. He argued that the concept of time is inconceivable for him. It is an element of space, movement, which is also the matter. He do not opposed to it did not fight with it. He became familiar with time by emotionless documenting his passing, stoically indifferent observation, as increasing numbers, whitened canvas and photo face losing over the years the color of life, approaching him to death. Also he tamed a final farewell, knowing that it will be joy and pride of the artist, who last unfinished detail of his program closes his life's work."
The vernissage featured a performance by Mikołaj Trzaska, a composer, saxophonist, the author of music for theater and documentaries and feature films. Often cooperating with Wojciech Smarzowski.
An exhibition of works by Roman Opalka is presented every Saturday and Sunday, from 11.00 - 18.00 in Spectra Art Space MASTERS 
Street Bobrowiecka 6, Warsaw 
Free admission till 7th of February 2016 year