BC MEDIA Agency has existed since 1995. In 1997 two cooperating companies BC MEDIA and MFD COMMUNICATIONS were merged.

The company was founded by Beata Czerwińska and Paweł Jankowski (BC MEDIA) and Monika Falk (MFD COMMUNICATIONS).

During the last 10 years of operating on the market we worked both for the largest corporations, often implementing global projects, and for Polish enterprises.

We specialize in:
  • PR strategies and media relations - elaboration and implementation of an appropriate communication strategy as well as day-to-day and long-term support for development of brand awareness;
  • Events and special events - they help to build a strong relation with the product both within the company and beyond it with the opinion-forming circles;
  • Educational and social campaigns - we were the first in Poland to introduce the issue of menopause and issues related to the prevention of pain into the media.

We always act for the benefit of our Customers and we try to understand their needs in the best possible way. We identify ourselves with the brands we represent and therefore we provide the best communication solutions to our Clients and we always create original concepts.  Our work enjoys a long-term interest of the Clients which results in multiannual cooperation.