Brand PR

Nowadays, the only guarantee of success in business is distinguish your product from those of the competitors. We offer our Clients building and maintenance of the desired image of the brand. We use the most modern PR and marketing tools or we create new ones if our Clients desire it.

Within the framework of Brand PR we offer:
  • Development of the communication strategy for products and brands
  • Launching of products and brands
  • Ventures and occasional events
  • Development of awareness of the products and brands
  • Management of the press offices
  • Press trips
  • Consumer studies

Corporate PR

The company image is one of its most valuable assets, particularly in the time of rapid market changes and growing competition. The appropriate corporate image not only helps the company to achieve the assumed business objectives but also allows to protect its activities in the case of a crisis situation.

We offer the following services within the framework of corporate PR:
  • Development of a strategy to build/strengthen the image of the company
  • Development of the communication strategy and information policy
  • Contacts with the media
  • Communication audits and analysis of the company's image in the media
  • PR activities addressed to opinion-forming circles

Trainings and seminars

We offer the organisation of trainings and seminars with the support in terms of content and logistics.

Within the framework of cooperation we ensure:
  • Venue - selection, booking
  • Presentations - subjects, leaders, lecturers
  • List of guests
  • Agenda
  • Technical equipment - coordination of subcontractors
  • Contacts and media analysis


Society in new media age has brand new meaning. The way people perceive your brand today is strongly affected by how you appear on the Internet. 

We offer the following services:
  • Press releases / news releases
  • Online newsrooms and media kits
  • Articles
  • Email newsletters
  • Social networks